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Valentine’s Tiny Hearts Rose Gold Leash
Valentine’s Tiny Hearts Rose Gold Leash

Valentine’s Tiny Hearts Rose Gold Leash

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Pictured here with Black webbing.

Why choose these matching leashes over any other?
1. Leashes are made for outdoor use which is why I love the idea of having the length of the leash be made of nylon webbing rather than have it fully covered in fabric. Leashes get dirty and dragged through mud and puddles. These leashes are easier to keep clean and won't show dirt as easily as an all fabric leash would.

2. The handle is made to match your fur-kids collar, which adds style to your walks. Your dog will be the bell-of-the-ball {or dog park} with a leash as stylish as this one.

3. There are tons of options for nylon webbing colour to compliment your pups collar and handle.

4. The handle is sewn with nylon webbing inside, and attached to the leash triple-stitched so it won't come apart. We don't need to sacrifice safety for style!

**These leashes are hand washable, and can be hung to dry without losing shape. After time, leashes can become subject to wear and tear, so please replace as necessary for the safety of your pet.*

***If you have any questions in regards to your order, or would like to create a custom order, please message me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.